10/52 (and 9/52)

I’m playing catch-up with a double set of pictures for Jodi’s portrait a week project this weekend. I missed last week’s post because we were away so here is a bumper package of life in the weeks of two small(ish) boys.

*A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013*

Xavi - turned 5 ¾ this week. A big milestone for one who measures his weeks in distance too and from his next birthday party.

Louis - needs a big dose of fresh air this weekend. His pallid skin and bags under his eyes betray many a late night reading and cartoon drawing session.

And here are my shots for 9/52:

Xavi - BUSTED! on his late night reading-by-torchlight session.

Louis - putting his treat package sketch pad to good use. His latest character is Bum-Man…