A weekly set of portraits of my boys, joining in with Jodi over at Che and Fidel. This is such an ace project. I can’t believe there are over 300 bloggers taking part. Amazing. And a bit special.

I have had a very jolly time whizzing around the various corners of the interweb looking at everyone else’s photographs this week - my word you’re a talented bunch! I’ve listed a couple of particular favourites below.

*A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013*

Xavi - sometimes school and the myriad of after school clubs he goes to are a bit much come Friday night. Boots discarded, socks peeled off, t-shirt removed and curled up with a blanket and his favourite cat. All is right with the world and the weekend downtime can commence.

Louis - the country’s biggest fundraiser* still hasn’t taken off his deely boppers. He and his friends came 2nd in Friday’s school talent show. Their mini sketch show ‘Smoke Riders’ won 150 votes. He’s eating a jam tart and I’m noticing the threadbare heels in yet another pair of socks with a sigh…

(* if fundraising was judged by how many red noses one person could amass.)

Last week I loved the precious post-nap look on this little lady’s face and these two really caught my eye - the tone and the compositions, just gorgeous.