2012: A Year in pictures (Part 3)

So here we are - the last day of 2012 and the last part of my look back at our year in pictures. It has been a good year.

We’ve done lots, been to loads of places, had lots of new experiences, seen friends marry, shared many a laugh and most importantly, we are all healthy and (mostly) happy. My wish for 2013 can only be that we have more of the same in the year to come and that you all do too.

And without further ado, here are my picks for September to December:





September - Back to school and the boys started missing each other after a summer together. Typically, after the wash-out that was the school holidays, September brought a bit more sunshine. The boys won the Best of British fancy dress competition and a couple of goldfish at the Street Fair.

October - The landscape around us started to turn a gorgeous autumnal orange as the leaves began to fall, the fire got lit more and more and our annual Halloween bash was much anticipated and greatly enjoyed. We took a half term trip to London and marvelled at the Science Museum.

November- The first of the winter frosts arrived, Louis was the flag bearer in his Beavers Remembrance Parade and we turned the last of our blackberries into bramble vodka ready for Christmas.

December- The last month arrived, bringing with it a spectacular hoarfrost that lasted a couple of days and covered the countryside around us in the most magnificent white sparkly blanket. Taking a walk up the hill near our cottage with my camera and woolly hat was one of the happiest times I enjoyed. Louis made us so proud, singing with his choir at the NEC and Christmas was good to us all. A chance to relax, unwind, spend time just playing, not rushing, and recharging our batteries for next year.

So that was our year in pictures, I hope you have enjoyed it and here’s to the next one eh?

Happy New Year to you all.