* A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013 *

Goodness, this week has been busy. I’ve been very remiss on the blogging front but I am trying to catch up today.

As I type, merry hell is being created downstairs. I’m quite glad our plans for half term involve splitting the boys up. Louis is coming with me to the Hay Literary Festival (we’re joining my cousin and her son - SO excited) and Xavi is going to stay with my mum & dad. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and there is definitely a need for a bit of distance between these two at the moment…

This week’s portraits:

Xavi - having his haircut at the weekend. We have the most wonderful stylist who comes to our house and Xavi loves him. He’s known him since he was a baby. Whilst he was having his cut, I was playing with the A Beautiful Mess app (like most of the blogging universe this week).

Louis - eight, going on fourteen. All mood swings and tears. I am hoping a couple of nights away together, away from daily life, will help restore his happy little soul.

As ever, I’m joining in with Jodi and everyone else taking part in the weekly portrait series.