26/52 (and 25/52)



* A portrait of my children each week, every week in 2013*

I don’t feel I’m playing this game ‘properly’. I post late, I snatch pictures when I remember and I almost always feel guilty for not visiting as many other contributors’ blogs as I want to.

I really don’t want to give up - we’ve reached the half way point this week and I now have six months’ worth of weekly portraits of the boys which I know we and they will treasure in years to come, but I have to admit, with work and shoots and running around and all the other stuff that comes from just managing to keep your head afloat in family life, I am finding it a bit of a struggle to inject any sort of creativity into my weekly portraits. And that makes me feel guilty. Guilty for not trying as hard as I should, guilty for not posting 'good’ pictures and guilty for not sharing the love and visiting and commenting on others’ work.

Every week Jodi chooses her favourite pictures from the previous week and I marvel at some of them (and hers all the time). The light, the poses, the gorgeous captures of childhood, of stillness, of precious moments. And then I look at mine. Oh dear. Must try harder, I really must. On all fronts.

And as if to illustrate my slacker approach, below are last week’s portraits too as I completely missed the deadline last week.

Above - week 26 portraits:

Xavi - wakes up happy every morning. Now he’s six, he likes to make breakfast for us all, carefully putting out place mats and bowls and standing on a little step to reach the cereal boxes. He’s growing up so fast.

Louis - drawing, always drawing. He’s inventing his own spy code at the moment and decorating the walls of his room with intricate drawings of robots he’d like to invent and messages written backwards or in Morse code. Not quite so helpful on the domestic front, he had a full-on 20 minute lying-on-the-floor-beating-his-fists-and-screaming fit on Sunday morning because we asked him to make his bed…

Below - week 25 portraits



Xavi - busy copying a dragon from his brother’s comic whilst wearing his brother’s shirt (you’ll see it features in both shots!). Increasingly now he’ll come home from school and pick up a pencil and paper to sketch or write some higgledy piggledy words. He’s a late-comer on the writing and drawing front but he’s getting there.

Louis - took his guitar down to the village green on Midsummer’s evening and entertained us all with his strumming. Confident and keen, he’s becoming a talented little guitarist. Later in the evening, he wandered down to his friend Rachel’s house and the two of them sat on their front lawn playing their guitar and ukulele as the smaller kids ran around playing pirates.