* A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013*

“One, two, miss a few, ninety nine, a hundred….”

That’s how I feel at the moment. I’ve missed a few posts (one of these, a couple 52 Weeks of Happy) and I’m furiously trying to get ahead work-wise before the long summer holidays start next Tuesday.

It’s been a long, exhausting term for the boys, packed with dance shows, sports days, cricket matches, football tournaments, cub camps and long, hot school days. Scraped knees, dirty faces, little suntanned necks and freckles. I’m having to drag them out of bed each morning to make it to school on time.

But soon it will be the holidays and we’ll have more time for this. For climbing trees, swinging, picnicking by the river, fishing for crayfish, toasting marshmallows and watching for bats at dusk. There’ll be catch-up with much-missed friends, late nights and even later mornings.

* Xavi - swinging with delight in my Mum & Dad’s garden. He’d stay there for hours if he could.

* Louis - golden hair to match his shorts. He’s loved climbing trees since he was a tiny toddler.