52 Weeks of Happy (14/52)

The first 52 Weeks of Happy post for 2013 - I’ve sort of lost track of the days but I’m sure everything will be back to normal next week.

Along with Jen at Little Birdie, who started this lovely project, I really enjoy selecting my four photographs to sum up the happy moments from each week. I’m going to create a little book at the end of the 52 weeks to show all of the photographs - I reckon it will be a good thing to look back upon. But that’s a while off yet, in the meantime, these are my four happies for week 14/52:




∆ Waking up on New Year’s day to blue skies - finally!

∆ A colourful, healthy lunch to draw a line under the festivities and to start the year as I mean to go on.

∆ The essential ice-skating companion on a chilly day at the hilltop ice-rink - our last trip there before it packs up on Sunday.

∆ SuperLou. Having two weeks off school doing very little has restored all of our powers and SuperLou is back!

So those are my four happies for this week - what has made you happy?