52 Weeks of Happy (16/52)

Joining in with Jen at Little Birdie, here are my four slices of happy for week 16/52:

∆ The sentiment of this poster and thinking about where to put it.

∆ My mum and dad coming over when I was poorly and helping me de-clutter my kitchen, clean the window and generally lighten the load a bit.

∆ This season’s oranges. I adore them.

∆ Making a cup of chai with our new kettle. Boiling water on the stove-top camping kettle has taken an age this week and the whistle has made me jump every time. So nice to return to the 5-minute cuppa.

Also, this week I have really enjoyed reading through the archives at Chez Larsson. I am very fond of Benita’s inspiring blog about her Swedish home and whilst I’ve been poorly, I have found inspiration in her light-filled home, her renovation stories, before and after shots and her can-do attitude. I’m off to Ikea at the weekend to invest in new storage to order my home a la Benita and who knows, I might even tidy out my toolbox in her honour!