52 Weeks of Happy (17/52)

It’s been -5º during the daytime most of this week with the thick blanket of snow that arrived on Friday still hanging around today, so perhaps unsurprisingly, this week’s four slices of happy are all about home comforts.

∆ My trusty fingerless mittens with a fold-over glove bit - so practical, so warm and so needed in this weather.

∆ Home-made bird feeders. Louis made this one and we’ve watched a hungry little robin feast on the nuts and lard it contains. A happy feeling knowing we’re helping these little fellas in such harsh weather.

∆ Making paper planes and whittling sticks in between sledging expeditions. It is so nice to spend a long time doing traditional non-screen-based activities.

∆ Laying the perfect fire whilst it’s still light outside. So decadent yet completely justified don’t you think?

As ever, I’m joining in with Jen at Little Birdie for this project - what has made you happy this week?