52 Weeks of Happy (19/52)

As ever, I’m joining in with Jen at Little Birdie for the 52 Weeks of Happy project. Week 19 already…

∆ Inspired by Caroline’s mini prints, I have created a stack of my own prinstagrams which I’m really pleased with. It’s all too easy these days to leave images on your hard drive or iPhone (something I am definitely guilty of) so I’m very happy I have a set of impossibly cute-sized images to handle, gaze at and arrange on my wall.

∆ Putting up balloons and bunting to celebrate Louis’ birthday on Friday. It hardly seems five minutes since we were arriving at hospital for his birth. He loves to hear the story of his arrival and I love recounting it to him.

∆ Most of you will probably think this is a mad happy, but assembling his drum kit and seeing how naturally he took to it on the morning of his birthday has made me and Spence very happy. He’s definitely a chip of the old musician block and that makes his dad (and me) very proud.

∆ Gosh, it’s mostly Louis this week isn’t it? He received his Beavers Bronze Award on Thursday. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but it seems to be a big deal and he was very pleased indeed to be presented with a new woggle and lots of new badges. Well done Louis!

So those are my happies for this week. I am also finding lots of happiness in the early signs of spring that are popping up our way. A few scattered tulip bulbs are forcing their way through the earth in our garden. There are early crocuses on the school run. This morning, it was noticeably lighter when I got up. A little blackbird and his lady wife are visiting our garden at breakfast time each morning and feasting on our bird feeder.

Oh yes, Spring is definitely on its way!

What has made you happy this week?