52 Weeks of Happy (2/52)

I’ve come to this seven days too late but I’m making up for lost time by including two weeks of photographs in one post - that’s allowed right?

Before you decide, let me explain. Last week, fellow blogger Jen at Little Birdie launched a year-long initiative to photograph four things each week which have made her happy. She was inspired by this image and as well as posting her first week of photographs to kick off the project, she also invited others to join her in posting a set of four things that have brought a little happiness their way that week.

So I thought I’d join in. After all, not always having the best of everything but always trying to make the best of everything is a pretty good sentiment isn’t it?

I will still continue to publish my Four Things posts regularly as these are all about the world as seen through my iPhone and share a common theme each week, but I’ll also now be adding a weekly 52 Weeks of Happy post as well.

Blimey, better get snapping…

Here is my slice of happy for week 2/52:

∆ Squeezing the bag and enjoying an undisturbed early afternoon cup of builders’ tea

∆ Turning over and finding a recipe for gin cocktails - bonus!

∆ Sliding into the front seat and savouring the ride

∆ Louis’ face in this picture. Because it turns out he does love his brother after all…

And here are my happy four for week 1/52:

∆ Chocolate orange mini muffins after school - enough said really…

∆ The story that won the award in assembly and now has pride of place on the fridge

∆ My bunny mug - 41 years old and counting…

∆ Photographs like this that just pop up and present themselves during the day