52 Weeks of Happy (20/52)

It’s half term here this week. We had a difficult weekend boy-wise and woke up to another thick-ish covering of snow and a power cut yesterday morning. Today we have no water but hey, we’re healthy, warm and still here so that’s enough to be happy about right there isn’t it?

I keep reminding myself that boys are like puppies; they need endless feeding, regular opportunities to run really fast, make lots of noise and scrap with each other and WHATEVER you do, they will always jump on and off every bit of furniture in the house. It’s just the way they are.

I am hoping that this week will be much calmer and happier than last week, but for now, here are the happies we managed.

∆ Hyacinths - I love everything about them, their structure, scent, colour. I’m having a bit of an Elton John moment and filling the house with them every opportunity I get.

∆ A rare moment of calm during a weekend of mania. Louis and Spence built a robot together - it’s not quite finished but their quiet collaboration made me happy whilst it lasted.

∆ It poured with rain all day on Sunday and the boys were awful but sticking to at least one of my resolutions with a feast of roasted lamb, parmentier potatoes and lots of greens, made me happy. I even made a cake as well…

∆ I read The Diving Bell and the Butterfly this week for our book group. I know I am coming to this late, but what an incredible, uplifting and magical book this is. So humbling to read. It will stay with me for a long time I think and is definitely one of those books I will be pressing on all my family and friends to read as well.

So those are my happies for this week - what has made you happy?