52 Weeks of Happy (24/52)

Firstly, thanks for all your comments recently. I’m still on a bit of catch-up after our weekend away but I have read each one I promise!

This week has been one of routine and chores. The weather has taken on a distinctly chilly air so my happies are all home-based, nothing glamorous or exciting to see here I’m afraid…

∆ We went on a little seed buying expedition at the weekend. The boys are keen to grow more of their own vegetables this year after our adventure in bean growing last year so we’ve chosen carrots, runner beans, tomatoes, garlic, potatoes and pumpkins. And the obligatory sunflowers of course.

∆ The farmers market was back in town on Saturday so Xav and I went shopping. He loves ‘doing the money’ and went round each stall, asking for the things he wanted and handing over his cash. Under my supervision he bought several pots of tete-a-tete, organic bread, fudge, sushi (I know, mad right?) and sausages from our local farm shop stall. On the way home he requested toad in the hole for supper so that’s what we did.

∆ Our tete-a-tetes on the windowsill. I was going to keep this shot back for Lou’s Nature in the Home series which I’m going to be joining in with from this Wednesday, but it made me smile so I have stuck it here. With the muddy football print on the window behind the pot, it sums up our weekend perfectly!

∆ Coffee on Saturday morning. And Saturday evening. And Sunday morning too come to think of it. In a favourite mug.

So those are my happies for this week, although I should probably also mention Mothers’ Day on Sunday which also made me happy. The boys’ handmade cards and their excitement in the morning put a real smile on my face. As did the bottle of perfume, pot of roses and Xavi’s clay face self-portrait. And the banana in bed (not quite a full breakfast but probably the best option given the chaos that could have ensued with a full-on breakfast creation).

Looking forward to seeing all your happy things for this week!