52 Weeks of Happy (25/52)

The palindromic week that is week 25/52! Joining in with Jen at Little Birdie.

∆ This smiley face appeared on my hyacinth pot overnight :-)

∆ Catkins, can’t get enough of their furry feel-goodness (that’s a word, right?) and this skeleton - is it from an abutilon maybe - blew onto my back doorstep just begging to be included in the gang

∆ An impromptu play date on Monday afternoon coincided with a rare example of domestication (ie. me cooking roast chicken for dinner) which impressed the school mums no end, ho yes…

∆ The calm before the storm. I took this photograph just before going to pick up the boys from school on Friday afternoon. It made me smile as someone mentioned on twitter that it looked like it contained the ingredients for the perfect after-school storm. Check!