52 Weeks of Happy (34/52)

I’m late with this one this week. I’m having to publish two posts in one day which I hate as it means one little post will be overlooked (so please pop by and say hi to the earlier post too if you’re reading this one!).

I’m so grateful for this project though, it’s become a happy habit and although I have to look hard for the happies some weeks, it’s only ever surface problems that make them difficult to find.

Looking back over the weeks of photographs that have built up since we started this project, I realise how very lucky I am, what a blessed and easy life we have compared to some and how most of our happies have come from experiences and moments, not possessions. This makes me happy.

This week’s happies:

∆ Looking around our rather untidy house and smiling. It tells the story of impromptu play dates, burgeoning hobbies and a rather cobbled-together make-it-up-as-you-go-along-life being lived. After 18 months, the boys properly regard our cottage as home and I can’t imagine us living anywhere else now.

∆ Making Xavi’s party invites. Oh, we have such plans for a beautifully simple outdoor celebration. Please don’t let it rain.

∆ I got new glasses this week. I don’t wear them but I smeared moisturiser in my eye which triggered a whole series of optician appointments, a changed prescription, new lenses and therefore new glasses. I made this picture and sent it to my husband to make him laugh.

∆ Drying washing on the line. Finally the weather is behaving. Long may it continue.