52 Weeks of Happy (36/52)

The sun shone, the skies were blue, the evenings started drawing out and the swallows returned to soar and dive above our cottage. Tractors began rumbling up and down the fields and hedgerows seemed to grow in front of out eyes, falling over the narrow track roads in glorious abundance.

This week, as the tell-tale signs of early summer in the country began to show - it has been easy to find happy things in every day life. Hoorah for that.

This week’s happies:

∆ A perfectly fragile dandelion clock. Crouching down on the side of the path, holding the little stem and waiting for the wind to die down was worth it, just for this shot. I did a little cheer when I downloaded it.

∆ Xavi’s sunflower plants grew in time for his party - yay!

∆ Xavi normally comes to wake us in the morning but on his birthday he stayed in bed and shouted down to us to ask if the secret squirrels had finished wrapping his presents and if it was safe for him to come down yet. Secret squirrels were responsible for a lot of my birthday surprises when I was a kid and I am happy they have made it into our family folklore now too!

∆ Finding time in the day to stop and go for a walk. Just me and the sound of the country. Yes, I have work to do but an hour a day to just walk is making me very happy indeed. I hope I can stick to it.

Have a happy week everyone. What with all that has been going on here recently with holidays, birthdays, parties and festivals, I don’t feel I’ve had nearly enough time to visit my favourite blogs. I am sorry if I have neglected you or if you have written a comment which I have not replied to. I do read every one and love to get them so please keep them coming and I will do my best to get over and visit your sides of the t'internet soon I promise! x