52 Weeks of Happy (37/52)

∆ Louis’s camp blanket. He’s going to a big once-every-four-years cub camp in a couple of weekends time (whilst the rest of us are at Cornbury). I’m a little nervous about him being away from home and us out of easy reach for three days but he assures me he will be fine. In preparation, I spent a rather relaxing few hours sewing 30 of his badges onto his new blanket. I think I went a bit far with the massive felt Louis but a boy has to know which blanket is his right? I think he was pleased with it. I found it neatly folded up at the bottom of his bed with all his toys sitting on it.

∆ Xav is having a very productive week ‘working’ at his new desk. He was poorly on Monday but spent a great deal of time carefully writing his Thank You cards whilst I worked alongside him.

∆ These two. Matching shirts, matching laid-back attitude to life.

∆ Our front garden. I posted this picture to Instagram this week asking if it looked as if the buttercups were part of a deliberate planting scheme. They look ok right? We didn’t have them last year but they’re seemingly everywhere this year. I like them so for now, they’re staying.

I hope you’ve all had a happy week too. Isn’t time flying by? We have a little Midsummer party in our village on Friday night. I’m hoping the weather will stay fine so we can sit and chat, listen to a bit of music and marvel at the lateness of the sunset.