52 Weeks of Happy (40/52)

I’m playing catch-up with 52 Weeks of Happy so over the next three days I’m posting the last three weeks of happy things. That works, right?

This post is for Week 40, which by rights should have been posted around July 9th.

*Adopts spooky lady voice* “Let me take you back, let me take you right baaaack…”





∆ Xav inadvertently created a little vignette of him growing up on the notice board in his room. He put his ‘favourite pictures’ up there and they made me smile. A shot of him on his 2nd birthday, his Foundation stage school photograph and his latest artwork - Broccy the Broccoli.

∆ New books. And these Usbourne ones are particularly fine. Who said lift the flap books are just for babies, I have learned more about our universe in the See Inside Space book than I have done anywhere else, and it has a brilliant star map booklet at the back. A brilliant book.

∆ The warmer weather sees the climbing rose at the front of our cottage burst into life. Just a couple of weeks ago there were no buds but lots of strong new green growth. If I took that shot today it would be a riot of pink. It seems everywhere it’s possible to squeeze a rose, it’s done it. There must be hundreds of them decorating the front garden!

∆ Louis went off to Cub camp. I was so proud of him. Two nights away at a 4,000 strong gathering of the Oxfordshire scouting groups and by all accounts, he had a blast. He didn’t change his socks all weekend.

More tomorrow as I roll seamlessly in to Week 41. How time flies eh?

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