52 Weeks of Happy (41/52)

Well hello again Happsters. Following on from yesterday’s catch-up post for this series, here is Week 41, which I should have posted around 16th July.

If I’m honest, I didn’t find much to be happy about during that week. The weekend was ruined by hurtful people and I felt very low for days afterwards. It was the first week since we started this project where I have really found it difficult to celebrate even some small happies.

But perhaps this little retrospective is a good thing, because looking back I have found some happies from later in that week. I just didn’t know where to look for them at the time.





∆ Spence and I volunteer in the bar at the boys’ cricket club on Friday evenings. It’s hard work but we love it. Spence had a gig that Friday so I was on my own and after all the families went home and I rounded up my feral children, I turned around to see the most glorious soft sunset over the fields to the back of the club. I live in a beautiful part of England and right then, my heavy heart soared a little.

∆ Saturday afternoon was a hot one. I went upstairs and found this boy. Crashed out. He slept right through dinner and woke at 9pm for jam sandwiches and a big glass of milk.

∆ Sunday lunch at my parents. It had been such a tough week and spending the day with my mum and dad in their gorgeous garden, eating outside and listening to the cricket, was just the tonic I needed to feel better about everything.

∆ My Dad’s humour. He does make me chuckle. And he hugged me so tight, it made all the sad thoughts disappear.

One more post tomorrow as Week 41 gives way to Week 42 and I heave a sigh of relief at finally being up to date!

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