52 Weeks of Happy (42/52)

Woo hoo, I’m finally up to date with 52 Weeks of Happy!

This week has been all about the last few days before term ends - frantic for me trying to finish work, lazy for the boys as their teachers take on a more, how shall I put it - ‘leisurely’ approach to learning.

We’ve had sports days, end-of-term dance shows, birthday parties, circus trips and the 2nd Ashes test. Oh yes, there has been plenty to be happy about this week!





∆ A little camper van picnic before the start of Giffords Circus on Sunday. We listened to the cricket and were tantalised by the oohs and aahs coming out of the big tent as the early performance drew to a close. It was lovely and the day was made even better knowing we had impromptu guests from Sweden to return to for an evening catch-up. Happy days.

∆ Snakes and Ladders on an upturned plastic crate in the sunshine. I came last but it’s the taking part that counts isn’t it?

∆ Another shot from Giffords but I love how this one came out. Save the power lines, it could almost be a sepia-toned photograph from days gone by; a young boy playing with a ball as the traditional circus rolls into town behind him.

∆ I had to include this one as the circumstances surrounding Xav being in his vest and pyjama bottoms at 5.30pm on a Monday evening made me chuckle. He came out of school looking like he had been up a chimney. He was almost entirely covered in a mixture of dust, dirt, sand and suncream. Even the creases under his eyes were blackened. I had to stand him in the sink to wash him down. I peeled his socks off only to find his feet were completely filthy underneath them and his pants were encased in dirt, His explanation? “Play time got a bit out of hand today Mum….”

So there we have it, I am FINALLY up to date. I hope you have all had lovely weeks full of happy moments. When the chaos of the end of term and holiday packing has subsided, I plan to sit down with a cup of tea and my iPad and come visit you all, it’s been too long. x

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