52 Weeks of Happy (48/52)

I must confess, although this is MY week 48, I’m not ACTUALLY sure if this is the ‘official’ week 48, but it’s there or thereabouts I reckon… close enough for jazz as they say.

Still, regardless of the week, here are my happies to go alongside Jen’s at Little Birdie and those of all you other marvellously happy people out there.

∆ Xavi came out of school clutching this wonderful little bunch of gardening club bounty. The fresh mint sprigs smell amazing and his little face was a picture - he was so proud.

∆ Doesn’t it feel like autumn has arrived? The unfamiliar practice of turning on the lights and drawing the blinds is strangely comforting at this time of year and my little window seat is a cosy place to perch after dark.

∆ The farmers’ market was back in town on Saturday. I can’t believe it is a year since I wrote this. Although it was drizzly and cold, I spent a very pleasant hour nattering with friends and buying venison, handmade pork pie, local cheeses, cured ham and some incredibly spicy pakoras.

∆ Bat Xav is back! He and his brother have been putting on little plays for us. This was the start of a particularly active performance involving lots of (imagined) somersaults, high kicks and cushion fights. I’m not sure we entirely 'get’ the story arc of these shows, but they are quite amusing.

So if I’m right, we have just four weeks to go with this project. I shall miss it. I hope we get to do it again next year.