52 Weeks of Happy (51/52)

I’m consoling myself with the thought that although there is now only one week to go in this project, I will soon be able to make a photo-book of an entire year’s worth of happy things. Jen, you have set in motion one of the nicest projects I’ve ever been part of - thank you!

My happies for Week 51:

∆ John Altman cookies. WHAT a find. Spencer brought them back from his recent jaunt to Amsterdam. They are worth seeking out. The green apple and almond were great, but the grapefruit and butterscotch were something else. Unbelievably good and in very dinky sizes so not too eye-wincingly calorific either.

∆ Re-arranging stuff and bringing this handmade cup to the fore. We bought it in St Ives a couple of years ago and I love its form. It’s rubbish for keeping any sort of hot drink warm (too wide, too much surface areas), but it is a thing of beauty nonetheless.

∆ Conker bootie. I love them when they’re so shiny. These are Xav’s - he has given some of them names. One is called ‘Botty’.

∆ Speaking of the small one, the last two photographs are connected. We have a new routine for homework this year and Xav loves practising his maths. Louis not so much, but the Usborne Junior Maths Dictionary (pictured) is a big help. If only I had one of those when I was at school….

So that’s me? How about you? We upgraded our iPad to iOS7 about 10 days ago (don’t do it!). We’ve been in black-screen-boot-up-fail limbo since then and had to make a Genius Bar appointment to get it fixed. For some reason, I can’t comment on other blogs on my iMac, so without the trustu iPad in tow, I’ve been rather absent in the comment boxes on your blogs, but trust me, I am visiting and will be back to commenting now the iPad is up and running again! Another reason to feel happy…