52 Weeks of Happy (52/52)

And so, the final week of this excellent project is here. These are my final four happies.

∆ Ikea at 9.45 on a Friday morning. Glorious.

∆ A reflected view of Louis’ ‘grown-up’ bedroom. Goodbye bunk beds, hello simple-to-make bed, bookcase stacked with good reads and an ordered toy cupboard to make an OCD sufferer proud.

∆ Xav’s rocket for space week at school. I think he was spinning me a line when he said parents had to do it but hey ho, I do like a bit of craft.

∆ A fitting last photograph for this project. Turning my 52 weeks of happy into a photobook. This is the layout for the shots from this time last year.

And so goodbye 52 Weeks of Happy and thank you Jen for kicking off such a wonderful project. It’s been fun.

PS: Should you be so inclined, you can see all 52 of my weeks of happy here.