52 Weeks of Happy (8/52)

Goodness, Week 8 has rolled around already - where did those last seven days go?

Keeping in mind the quote “the happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything”, my four choices were pretty easy to select this week.

We haven’t done anything unusual or exciting but we have been hanging out as a family, ticking off chores at the weekend, drawing, reading and taking Dennis the Campervan out for the odd spin with the boys’ mates. He doesn’t feature in this week’s photographs but he’s a constant source of happiness I can tell you!

Here are my four slices of happy for week 8/52:

∆ Fresh, pretty new bedding is such a simple pleasure don’t you think?

∆ Oh how happy my new cushions and throw have made me (and my sofa)

∆ I have a Russian Dolls commission to finish this week so the artist pens are out in force

∆ Xav won Player of the Week at football training on Sunday. He wanted to win it so much and tried really hard - I am very proud of him.

So those are my four happies - hope you like ‘em!