52 Weeks of Happy (9/52)

I’m still uber-stressed dealing with ‘the week that nightmares are made of’ but nothing was going to stop me from finding my four happy things to share with you today - it’s just a good job they are from LAST week as this week’s selection might prove a bit more difficult to find…

Anyway, as ever, these photographs are inspired by Jen at Little Birdie whose 52 Weeks of Happy project has been a regular feature of mine and many other bloggers’ weekly schedules for a couple of months now. It’s all about not always having the best of everything, but always striving to make the best of everything. And in this week of nightmares, that’s a mantra worth hanging on to…

Here are my four slices of happy for week 9/52:

∆ Louis made the sweetest little letter for me on Sunday and presented it to me in a beautifully-decorated envelope containing £1 'for being good’

∆ Spending far too long making new business cards (shots 2&3) using this new branding (circles and rectangles anyone?) and super-cool fonts on the reverse of each card - oh yes, that has definitely made me happy this week

∆ These dinky bowls have been filled with all sorts of small boy-related treats this week

∆ Snow globe polar bear - I give him a shake every time I walk by and keep dreaming this rain will stop and be replaced by clear blue skies and frosty mornings once more

So what has made it onto your list of happy slices this week?