A day punctuated by cups of tea

In this month’s inaugural issue of The Simple Things, photographer Lynn Keddie describes her day in cups of tea. It’s a simple little feature but it caught my imagination and got me thinking about doing something similar to record the last day of our summer holidays.

So that is what I did yesterday. Here is my day loosely punctuated by cups of tea, with a few other things thrown in for luck…

(By the way, the magazine is ace. Rush out and buy it.)

8.30am - first cup of the day with the french windows wide open onto a lovely morning. The perfect aide to some frantic scrabbling around to cobble together a picnic lunch for a day out in Dennis the campervan to Broadway Tower.

11.30 - it always takes us ages to get anywhere in Dennis, especially somewhere as hilly en route as Broadway, which is only 25 miles away, but that’s part of the charm of a vintage campervan (besides all the irate drivers are behind you and Dennis’ engine is so loud I can’t hear their frustrated screams….)

12.00 - apparently on a clear day you can see 13 counties from the top of Broadway Tower. Yesterday was not one of those clear days but the views were still pretty magnificent.

12.30 - time for more tea. And a bit of frisbee. And quite a lot of whining and very little eating of my lovingly crafted picnic lunch. Sometimes the reality of days out with my boys is a bit less enjoyable than the imagined event at the planning stage. Still, the tea was nice.

1.00 - an apology from number 2 son. That was also nice.

2.00 - did I mention the views? A 360 degree panorama of rolling countryside, patchwork fields and tiny tractors bringing in the harvest for as far as the eye could see.

3.00 - and deer grazing around the tower’s lower fields.

3.30 - his and little his logs. No tea at this stage, but ice cream instead. Well, it was the last day of the holidays…

6.30 - and home again. Off to an Alabama Shakes gig so no late-night tea drinking last night, just a vanilla vodka with the iron-on labelling marathon at midnight…