A hook and some yarn


On Saturday I took my first crochet class. My local yarn shop runs lots of brilliant classes - I’m going to try fabric screen printing next I think - but seeing as I know nothing about crochet but have been pinning the odd pretty blanket on Pinterest, I thought it was time to find out a bit more.

And I wasn’t disappointed. The class was great. Our teacher was lovely, very hands-on and patient. At first I had no idea what I was doing, but once the initial bit was done, I started to understand what each of the little stitches was for, got the hang of my crochet hook and was merrily chucking out chain stitches and trebles. I even managed to finish off my first granny square with some sort of double (single?) stitch round the outside. I’m not sure I have the hang of the tension but that will come with practice I am sure.


When my three hours was up (all too soon sadly), I bought some sage green and cream yarn so that I can have another go soon. I’m not sure I’ll work out how to start myself off but the best thing is, my teacher runs a drop in session on a Wednesday evening - with WINE - where you can go with your latest project, get advice or simply just stitch along with a few grandmasters.

Brilliant eh?