A little bit on the side...

I’m quite excited today as my first electronic magazine is published. Back in the day, I used to be a marketing bod and still do a bit of freelance work for a number of clients, including Pearson (for whom this e-mag was for).

It’s called ‘A Practical Guide to Reading for Pleasure’ which is a subject close to my heart, having two small people who have very taken different approaches to learning to read.

Son number one was an early and natural reader, who devoured everything in sight, sailed through his school reading books and still likes nothing better than hiding under his bedclothes with a torch to read his latest Roald Dahl. Son number two, however has been a different kettle of fish entirely. He’s got it now, but he was a slow burn and although he likes a good book, he much prefers being read to than reading independently.

So, I jumped at the chance to write this Guide, which involved understanding a lot more about the government’s 'reading for pleasure’ initiative, exploring the drivers behind Michael Gove’s challenge that children should have read more than 50 books by the time they are 11, and spending more than a couple of nights reading OFSTED’s Moving English Forward report and the new draft curriculum for English.

In a shocking display of nepotism (can you use that term for yourself?), the guide also has some of my photography in it too… :)