A minor miracle in the world of me...

This weekend something rather miraculous happened at our kitchen table, something that has left my husband with a bemused look on his face ever since.

I sewed something. And it wasn’t rubbish.

Now I’m a pretty creative sort of a girl. I draw, photograph and create images that please me (and hopefully other people too). I can bake a mean cake and I am pretty handy with a bit of interior styling. But by no stretch of the imagination would anyone call me a seamstress, or even a button-sewer-on. My mum is super handy with a needle and thread and has a beautiful vintage Singer machine that has run up countless childhood dresses and pairs of curtains, but me? I sort of passed sewing by.

Until recently. Looking at beautiful blogs by handy people led me to want to have a go myself so I decided to take the plunge, invested a little cash in this beauty, bought this book, rooted out some fabrics and gave it a try.

Now I’ll never open my own Etsy craft shop or anything, my seams are a bit wonky and my hand-sewing is still rubbish but my sewing machine was so easy to set up and ACE to use and I had quite a lot of fun making my first project. Next on my list is some sort of ragdoll-alien and then I might try my hand at a patchwork quilt for the camper van (in the true spirit of walking before I can run, naturally).

Here are my efforts:

I forgot to take any photographs as I was actually doing the templating, cutting, sewing and stuffing - too busy concentrating - but this is what I made. I know it’s dead easy for people who know what they’re doing, but for me, it was a big sewing deal:

What do you think?