A photo a day for October - week 2

Week two of the challenge is done so here are my photographs. I’ve been crazy busy this week so have had to sneak one archive shot in there, but all the rest were taken on the appropriate day using my iPhone and instagram. You can see my full set of shots building up on my Pinterest board.

Everyone participating in the challenge uploads their daily shots using #fmsphotoaday - there are over 300,000 photographs tagged with this hashtag - and whilst you only glimpse a fraction of the shots that have been uploaded at any one time, I’m really enjoying seeing how other people have interpreted the brief for that day.

October 8 ~ angle (I’m particularly pleased with this one. It was taken in quite low light which has lent it quite a grainy quality, which I think works nicely).

October 9 ~ red (isn’t this old Morris ace?)

October 10 ~ emotion (silly I know, but there you go…)

October 11 ~ something close-up

October 12 ~ on the table (a big green microphone on the table at BBC Radio Oxford, for my slot on the Kat Orman show on Friday - told you it was a busy week!)

October 13 ~ landscape (this is a shot I took last month, so it’s a bit of a cheat. I did see about 15 beautiful shots I could have taken for this one on Saturday and the sky was just as blue, but I was whizzing through the landscape in Dennis so unable to compose the perfect shot and already late for our lunch date, hence why this one is my submission for the 13th!)

October 14 ~ makes you laugh (yep, they sure do…)

On to week 3 now, goodness, how October is flying by.