A photo a day for October - week 3

October is fair racing by. Week three of the challenge is done and dusted and my shots are duly presented below for your perusal.

I wonder if I’m being too samey with my choices? They’re all mostly of objects rather than experiences, people or panoramas, but maybe I’m over-analysing? Anyway, next week’s selection have briefs like ‘in your town’, 'weather’ and most pleasingly 'the view from here’ so maybe I’ll just photograph my blog for that one!

So here are my Week 3 shots. You can also take a look at Week 2 and Week 1 and see the whole lot snuggled together over on Pinterest.

October 15 ~ Dinnertime

October 16 ~ Something you wrote

October 17 ~ Fruit

October 18 ~ Made you smile today (it was one of those days when only vanilla vodka would do…)

October 19: Letters

October 20 ~ 4 o'clock (at 4pm we were embroiled in a mammoth fondant fancy baking session - more on that later in the week)

October 21 ~ Calm (my bathroom, the only spot of relative calm to be found in this houseful of boys)

On to week 4 now then! And don’t forget you can see the whole set for October building up on my Pinterest board.