Bits and bobs…

Another week, another collection of random(ish) images from our neck of the woods.

L to R, top to bottom: The last bit of treacle spice sponge cake; ingredients for my first cooking with five-year-olds class (we made courgette muffins. I survived unscathed.); Friday after-school playdate treat; my office is in the corner of Xav’s room - he has to put up with alliums, I have to put up with Shaggy - it’s a fair compromise; homemade bramble jam sandwiches and One-Eyed Cucumber Man; Goldie and Tommy have so far survived the move to their new home; an NYC plate from a little treasure-hunting in my new favourite emporium; the skies round here are always big and often pretty.

Hope you have a good weekend - what are you up to?