Bits and bobs…

It’s a sad day in our house as Goldie (Xav’s little fish) died this morning. There were a lot of tears at breakfast time and a not inconsiderable amount of faffing from me about how to actually get him out of the bottom of the fish tank where he was lying. We’re going to replace Goldie with Goldie 2 this afternoon but my little fellas’ hearts are a bit broken and I feel very sorry for them, especially Xav. Part of growing up I guess?

Anyway, on to this week’s bits and bobs, L to R, top to bottom:

There’s an unwelcome crack in my favourite sunglasses; a chalk-face monster to cheer the boys up when they get home; doing homework at the kitchen table; three little splitties; more homework; one of my prints, framed and hung in our bedroom; sorting out the autumn wardrobe; I love this cushion and have my eye on this one too; I’ve been trying out my new stamp set from here.

Anything good going on with you?