Bits and bobs….

I’ve been photographing at the boys’ school again this week, this time to create images for their new website. A few weeks ago I was there with another photographer taking photographs of the Year 3 and 4s for a well-known educational publisher’s 2013 catalogue. I do like to see my work in print - it still makes me proud!

The kids are great with all the cameras and lights we throw at them - they especially liked the iPads we went armed with on the first shoot and this week they were just as welcoming and compliant.

On this shoot, I got to hang out with them in the dinner hall - it’s only a small school so lunches are served ‘en famille’ with the older kids helping to serve the younger kids and everyone chattering away as they munch. I have to say the roast beef looked delicious and it was good to see my own boys sitting nicely and tucking in - wish they were that well behaved at home!

Anyway, here are a few of the non-child shots from the shoot - coming to the brand-spanking new website soon I hope!