Bits and bobs…

Time for another round-up of bits and bobs.

It’s been a busy week. We’ve been planning our annual Halloween bash and have made our invites ready to send out to our friends. We normally invite the band, their families and a couple of other families and have a load of spooky fun.

However, rather sweetly, but a bit unfortunately, the boys got slightly carried away and thought they’d also extend verbal invites to some of their school friends (for ‘some’ read 'twenty’). Louis’ been having a bit of a hard time in the playground recently with some of his friends and the last thing I want is for him to get stick for making up an imaginary party so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and organise TWO parties now - one for our friends and one for theirs *gulp*.

Oh well… Anyway, I digress. This week’s bits and bobs L to R, top to bottom:

I don’t take as many flower close-ups as I’d like to these days; carrot cakes - this weeks recipe with the Year 1s; trying out a bit of hand-written font creation; Louis’ glow-in-the-dark solar system; bed - where I want to be most of the time; the Enormous Crocodile; hoping to go back to the Roald Dahl museum again in half term; this shade always makes me smile; Louis’ mate Sam turns 8 this week - they’ve known each other since they were babies so he is very special; stickers - I got these YEARS ago from Elsie at A Beautiful Mess, she sent me some prints and enclosed these too, I just found them at the back of my drawer.