Bits and pieces

I have been motoring today! Thought it was best to sum up what we’ve been up to in a little bits and pieces post - after all, it’s been a while.

From top L-R:

Making our teacher presents - we made Christmas chocolates and cupcakes and presented them in jam jars and little boxes. The boys wrote special labels and cards and went into school very proudly this morning.

Whilst they were at school, I wrapped a few presents, hoovered and tidied (that took AGES as it was so long since I last tackled that particular job…) and got things ready for a bit of a making afternoon. It was SO nice not having to work!

When the boys got home, we cracked on with our Christmas to do list - we iced our Christmas cake, made mince pies and sausage rolls, hung some more decorations from the French windows in the kitchen and made fake snow.

Feeling a bit better about that to do list now…