Blue sky thinking...

I’m not one for rigid New Year’s resolutions but at the start of January I do tend to make a little list of things I’d like to do in the coming year.

Last year I took up the piano (still playing, albeit sporadically and probably quite badly) and resolved to have more friends to stay for fun weekends and long lunches in the sun (the lunches and sleepovers happened, but the sun didn’t).

This year again I have made a little list, which I guess if I post here, makes it more formal right? Anyway, this is what I’d like to do:

* Take Fridays off - and spend some guilt-free time visiting the galleries and exhibitions that take my fancy. With a good wind behind me and no delays, I can easily schlep into London and back whilst the boys are at school and there are so many unexplored galleries in Oxford’s Ashmolean on my list. Oh yes, guilt-free me-time. This will make me happy.

* Plan more of our weekly meals - so we can eat healthily and save money / reduce food wastage. I also want to stick to last year’s routine of preparing and enjoying a family Saturday or Sunday lunch together (or with friends) each week. Weekends are a bit hectic with the boys’ various sports activities but I figure if we plan ahead, good times can be had around our kitchen table.

* Go for more family walks - we have some brilliant countryside and nature reserves on our doorstep (or a short campervan trip away) and now the boys have their Opinels, their Blenheim passes and their waterproofs there’s no excuse. Being outside makes us all happier.

* Go camping as often as we can - we have the campervan, the bell tent and more coordinating sleeping bags and blankets than are really necessary. We have walkie talkies, bunting, bucket bbqs and plenty of homemade moonshine. Now all we need are the fine weekends and the adventures.

* Read to my boys every night - books are already pretty important in our house but more often than I’d have liked last year, the bedtime story fell by the wayside, victim of the over-tired mummy or boys or both. This year I want to get us started on more chapter books so we can read a chapter a night and they can both get some wind-down time with mummy. It will do us all good.

So there you go, this is what I would like to achieve this year. What’s on your list of resolutions?