Changing rooms

Panton Junior chair by Vitra

We’ve been living in our home for 15 months now and I have a serious case of the moving/arranging/decorating bug. Normally I can’t go more than about six months without rearranging the furniture, painting walls or adding new bits and bobs to our rooms.

But as we rent our house, there’s a limit to how much decorating I can do. I long for a wall or two painted in Downpipe and bright, white walls elsewhere, but the thought of having to return every surface to our off-white rental colour when we eventually move is rather putting me off.

I’ve toyed with the idea of sorting and de-cluttering our garage then lining our storage racks with these, but to be honest, that is going to be such hard work - the garage is so crammed with moving boxes, baby toys, pushchairs, garden pots and even a running machine, that I don’t know where to start.

So for now, to satisfy my arranging/decorating bug, I am planning for us to swap bedrooms with our eldest son. His room adjoins our main bathroom and whilst this is convenient for the boys’ bedtime, there have been some evenings when I have longed to read a magazine in the bath, but the thought or creeping through his room and running the water with fingers crossed he doesn’t wake up, has been too off-putting to ever try. Plus a change is as good as a rest isn’t it and a new view might stop me obsessing about Downpipe-painted walls.

My plans include giving him his own desk, painting an old wooden cabinet a nice bright green to match the inside of his wardrobe and framing some of the beautiful prints we have knocking about for his new room.

To kick-start the plans, I have ordered a white Panton Junior chair for him (I have lusted after one of these for ages), but before the whole move can take place, we have to dismantle all the beds, turn the two single beds in his room back into bunk beds, get a new mattress for our bed and then tackle the small matter of convincing him it’s a good idea.

Wish me luck…