Dear twitter, thanks for the first ten days...

Always a bit of a slow starter, about ten days ago, I ventured into the world of twitter - and I can honestly say I wasn’t quite prepared for how much it would take over my life / work / everything else (but definitely in a good way).

In my first day in the twittersphere (that’s what they call it, right?), the lovely Tim Campbell MBE (@TC_MBE) tweeted a recommendation for my photography to all his gazillion followers. In the first week, Nell Gifford (@giffordscircus), she of the uber-amazing Gifford’s Circus, retweeted my photographs of their Barrington show to her followers and just a couple of days ago, my seven year-old and I gazed in marvel at Curiosity’s pictures from Mars and Professor Brian Cox’s (@ProfBrianCox) excited tweets as the historic Mars landing took place.

I’ve connected with authors, poets, other photographers, bloggers, bands, journalists and friends - I know more about the Olympics than I ever would have done by just watching it alone, thanks to @corrie_corfield and @mrjakehumphrey and I have inadvertently snorted tea up my nose thanks to @caitlinmoran’s indecently amusing account of getting into her wet suit.

So thank you twitter - I might not have the followers of the wonderful Ian Thorpe (@IanThorpe), who only joined twitter last week and already has nearly 85,000 of the blighters, but I have felt amused, inspired, connected and enthused by you so far, so long may it continue.

PS: if you want to follow me (oh go on!) I’m @_SuzieWilliams… so pop on over and say hi!