Decluttering. Gradually...

This weekend has been a typical April one - bright sunshine one minute, rain and even hail the next. It’s been a weekend for chores, homework and tackling ‘those’ jobs around the house - the ones I’ve put off for so long but which really need doing.

So, having been inspired by Claire at Just a Little Less who is constantly striving and managing to live with fewer possessions, and Lottie’s Project Simplify, I set about Part One of the Great Tidy-Up - the boys’ clothes.

This is one area of our house that has got completely out of control. School uniform is mixed up with wetsuits, socks, pants and vests are all over the place, their shared wardrobe is crammed to overflowing with clothes that are either too small or too big and there’s not a folded item in sight. Our clean laundry is chucked in a basket that never gets properly emptied because we can’t actually find the space to put the things away.

This is what it their drawers look like on any given morning:

It is impossible to find anything and everything is creased. It had to be tackled.

So with a strong coffee and some musical accompaniment, I delved in and made a start, weeding out dirty t-shirts and rather a lot of too-small clothes. I am ashamed to say, I even found an old apple core, lots of tangerine peel and a couple of cars lurking at the bottom of Xav’s drawer.

Once everything was out, I started the sorting. Old clothes into one bag for a charity drop, dirty clothes into a laundry pile, old pants and holey socks in the bin, 'keepers’ in neat pile for each boy.

I realised that Xavi has plenty of clothes - many of which have been passed down from his brother with lots of wear left in them, but Louis has grown out of most of his wardrobe.

Once I’d folded, smoothed and sorted, everything 'current’ went back into the now shiny and un-sticky drawers.

After all the sorting, Louis was left with only four t-shirts. That’s fine for term time, but come the holidays, he’ll need more than that for sure. Curiously though, he has more socks than any person could ever need (20 pairs and counting for some reason) but a shopping trip is definitely required - he needs another pair of trousers, a couple of long and short-sleeved t-shirts, swimming trunks and pyjamas, but as long as we buy sensibly, I figure those items will last long enough to pass on to Xav in time as well.

Xav on the other hand, has done very well out of the whole exercise, inheriting sweatshirts, a natty shirt he’s had his eye on for a while and countless t-shirts.

And my charity bag - a 50ltr kitchen bin liner - is full to the brim with stuff to pass on. All in all, a good morning’s work.

I wonder how long it will stay this neat and ordered though?

The next job on the list is the garage. That will take WAY longer than one morning and a single cup of coffee…