Drinking in the views at Blenheim

We were outside all day today and it was great. Breathing in the autumn air and drinking in the views. Blenheim Palace is a pretty spectacular place to be at any time of year, but in the autumn sunshine, it’s truly wonderful. And it’s such a bonus that it’s ten minutes down the road.

The boys and their friends scooted, skimmed stones, ran about like mad things and played tag to their hearts’ content.

It was the perfect way to end our half term - well, almost perfect. The panic-stricken realisation that Xavi wasn’t with the bigger boys and was lost and alone outside the world’s second largest hedge maze, whilst we were all inside it in different places, did cast a bit of a shadow - and caused more than a few missed heartbeats for me.

Thank goodness for the kind family that found him wandering around and crying in the adventure playground and comforted him and stayed with him until we could get out - it was a good twenty minutes after we realised he was missing by which time I was completely frantic.

There are some very kind people in this world and I am so very grateful to that family today. But aside from that drama, it was an ace day out.