Finding time for stillness



This morning has not been a classic. Harsh and unexpected words from another mum first thing. Ongoing delicate work issues. Getting my car bogged down in inches of oozing mud in the middle of a forest in Oxfordshire. All before midday.

Coming back to a calm, quiet and still house was a relief. Sometimes I think we forget to make time for stillness. I know I needed to this afternoon. Not to mull over this morning’s events, but to put a pause underneath them. To create a line break in this weekend’s story. To start afresh and not get sidetracked by other people’s dramas.

So I sat quietly, listening to nothing. Noticing the little bits of our home I forget to see in the every day. Smelling the scent of my latest blooms, admiring the strength and softness in these catkin stems.

A cup of chai. More than a few sighs. A glance at the clock, then out again. Back to the forest for round two with the muddy puddles. I shall be wearing a flack jacket this time…