Happy New Year...

Just popping in to wish you all a Happy New Year. We’re back to our routine of work and school today so it seems apt to pick up the blogging baton once more.

We had a great Christmas. It was relaxing, fun, sociable, abundant and pleasantly hectic in equal measure. We spent time with family and friends, went for long bracing walks, watched films and played together. It was fab.

I’m not sure what this year holds for us yet. We’re making no big plans, but I do want to work harder, earn more, spend more time together as a family and make more time to read.

I had a quick review of last year’s plans before writing this post. To my shame, I didn’t make it to one single exhibition or gallery last year but we did pretty much everything else to a greater or lesser extent. We didn’t go camping nearly enough though - a combination of weather, Spence’s band playing at festivals on all the big weekends and a lack of planning I’m afraid. 

I’m determined to put that right this year though. So tell me, where should we take our little old camper van this year? I’m thinking a weekend or two in Cornwall and longer breaks to Northumberland, Suffolk and a trip to Brittany to see friends - any hints and recommendations?