Having your (wedding) cake and eating it

There are so many different options when it comes to wedding cakes - traditional fruit cake or sponge, vanilla or chocolate or a bit of both? Then there’s the icing and the decoration, not to mention the size - round, square, cupcakes? It’s no wonder wedding cakes are big business these days.

We eschewed tradition and decided on a wedding cheese instead, which has since become quite popular - three tiers, one Scottish cheese for my husband’s heritage, one Worcestershire cheese for mine, and a brie for good measure - but my husband’s aunt also made us a beautiful white iced fruit cake, with handmade sugar icing pink and purple gerbera to match our wedding flowers. It was stunning and would have cost a fortune had we wanted to buy something similar.

If you’re planning a wedding this summer, the above shots might give you some ideas, but also take a look at this gallery or for a true money-no-object bespoke cake making service, check out Choccywoccydoodah - their creations have to be seen to be believed!