I am most definitely a homebird. I love my home. I can lose entire evenings to interiors magazines and have an enormous collection of hardback books dedicated to the subject. My mum has a photograph of me, aged no more than three, sitting in the garden on a mini high-backed rattan chair ‘reading’ a copy of the Ideal Home - not for me the dolls and Vogue obsession of youth. Oh no. But I can remember vividly every cover of the Habitat catalogue from about the late 70s if you’re interested?

I feed my home love with blogs like this and this, where the positively delightful bloggers Lou and Lottie have blogged about their own homes and style - I guess it’s the online version of going for a cheeky walk just as night falls so you can glimpse inside your neighbours’ sidelight-lit front rooms before they close the curtains.

So, in the spirit of sharing, I thought I’d post some photographs of my home with you. Well, the tidy bits anyway. Gotta love a close crop…

I purloined this mirror from a yard sale on the way home from the school run last October, returning home to find out our house sale had fallen through, thus meaning we ended up here. It was meant to be. It would have looked rubbish in the other place…

You need space for boots in the country. And a door policy. This corner by our backdoor provides both.

I am a big fan of open shelves. The vintage sewing box……belonged to my gran and this is the china.


My Roberts radio also belonged to my gran. The sugar bowl is bonkers but my husband bought it and loves it.

I like to mix stuff up a bit. I love strong typography, classic design, a few modern pieces and dainty china in the kitchen. I’d also like a personal chef but I’m not sure that will happen…

The door of our fridge sums up our family life.

I like the light in this shot. Never mind that the glass jars I have collected for all sorts of projects are cluttering up the utility room - they look nice.

I’m a big fan of a well-stocked bookcase. Which is a good job as we have lots of them.

This cushion is particular favourite although I would dearly love to add this one and this one.

I’m on the hunt for the perfect log basket. Actually, I’ve found it here, but I can’t afford it. 

I’ve had the marmalade jar for ever. I like that it is now filled with my son’s pencils.

There are dinosaurs all over my littlest son’s bedroom. Dinosaurs and cars.

One of the propellers fell off but this baby can still roar around your head at teatime.