Homebird part II

One of the best things about reading lots of like-minded people’s blogs is getting the chance to see inside the creative spaces and places they call home.

In my last Homebird post, I shared a glimpse into some of the tidier parts of our home so I thought I’d follow it up by showing you a bit more (I have still only focused on the tidy bits though!).

I do love this house - it wasn’t where we imagined living 12 months ago, but fate and a bit of odd fortune brought us here and we adore it, even with its quirky-shaped rooms, undulating floors and teeny-tiny bathrooms.

The oldest part of the house dates back to 1699 when it was a two-up, two-down Estate workers’ cottage. When our landlords converted it, they discovered flagstones near the fireplace that had come from an abbey that stood nearby until the end of the 15th century - even back then, they re-used and recycled!

Anyway, here are a few more snapshots of the place that we call home:

Our bedroom is s-m-a-l-l and has tiny original windows. You can’t see it well in this photograph but there is a wire & fairy light heart hanging off the painting of St Ives that helps brighten the room on a dark day. The lights are from Laura Ashley, the bedding is Habitat and the Kartell Componibili storage is from Central. The photograph on the other wall is one of mine.

I’m a bit of a magpie style-wise, but looking at this photograph makes me realise our window sill is a bit more ‘country’ than perhaps I’d like… *must lose the wicker heart*

There are books everywhere. This bookshelf stands on the first landing, outside our room.

See what I mean about the books? And games, and puzzles, and DVDs and Lego. The list of items needing a permanent home is endless. I am so glad this bookshelf fitted under the beams. It was a bit touch-and-go when we brought it in as the beam in the centre of the room is lower than these lateral ones…not sure what I’d have done if it hadn’t have fitted come to think of it.

This corridor was created during the conversion. It runs the length of the house and means you can whip round the whole of the ground floor in a complete circle, something which the boys do fairly regularly on their scooters or skateboards (whichever is deemed the most dangerous at the time).

My friend Fi always mistakes this sign for 'lesbian’. Tsk, philistine…!

The back door, complete with lunar calendar. Not that you’d miss a full moon around here, the skies are massive and a bright moon really lights up the sky.

The dining end of the kitchen. I know it’s a cliche but this really is the heart of our home. Everything happens around this table and the room is so bright compared with the rest of house thanks to the two big skylights directly above the table.

Another corner in the kitchen, this time by the French windows into the garden. The photograph is another one of mine.

This fella is very resilient, managing to stay alive for the longest time, certainly long after other house plants have given up. It has lovely pinky red flowers on it once a year and lives in the kitchen.

This alcove in the sitting room used to be the back way out of the cottage but now makes a handy DVD and book storage nook. The Blow Up poster has been in our possession for years, in fact I think it was one of the first things we bought as a couple. The three-cornered table used to belong to my Gran. It’s uber-wonky and won’t stand anything precious atop it, but I still really like it.

And finally, the big red bus which used to be full of peg people but now is empty, the peg people having moved out to take up residence in random corners and high-traffic areas of our house, ready to send us flying at any moment.

So there you go, a bit more of a peek into our house. I hope you liked it!