In my bag


I always like to see what other people hulk around with them in their bags. I’m amazed by those women who manage to fit all they need for every eventuality into a small clutch bag. They clearly have more stuff stashed in their pants right?

Well not for me the tiny purse approach. I am of the bag school of thought that bigger is definitely better and am always on the search for the perfect sac. It’s doubly important when it comes to lugging around photography gear. I am so over that Loewpro / Crumpler thing. I detest black nylon ribbing, velcro-lined reinforcers and clip fasteners. That’s why one of these is winging its way across the pond to accompany on my summer of photography adventures.

But back to my bag of choice for all the everyday stuff I need. Please excuse the crumpled bed linen backdrop in the photo above (I’m soooo professional).

On a daily basis, I cart around with me:

∆ At least one scarf. This one is new, purchased on a rare shopping trip with two of my besties last Friday.

∆ Essentials like my iPhone, a pen and a compact mirror. I wear contact lenses and I can’t tell you how difficult it is to scratch around in the back of my eye trying to find an errant lens without the help of a mirror. I also carry a small make-up bag with me. Kind of like a security blanket in lip gloss and mascara form.

∆ A myriad of boys’ stuff. Today, it comprises a beanie hat with ears, a collection of special stones from my mum’s garden, a mini campervan and a Phoenix comic badge. But it just as often also includes a half-eaten apple, discarded tissue or, more recently, a red nose.

∆ Wet wipes and an umbrella. When do you stop carrying wet wipes I wonder?

∆ My battered old Bridge purse. I bought it when I was twenty and living in Madrid. It was a present to myself on the eve of my departure after a year in the city. It’s scratched and bashed and has a weird orange tartan lining but it’s still going strong. I couldn’t imagine any other purse replacing it to be honest.

∆ Not in this photograph but also carted around most days are my Paperchase work diary, a jumbled mass of notes and papers, an iPad and a snack for the boys.

So what do you lug around with you? Are you a small bag or a big bag person? Can you ever be both?