Little care packages for little boys

We’re off to Rome for a few days tomorrow *eeeep!* leaving my parents in charge of the boys. Can you believe it’s the first time I’ve left them for more than one night in all the time I’ve been a mum? How did that happen?

Anyway, whilst I’m really looking forward to our trip, the boys are a little sad so I’ve put together a little care package for them with a treat and a note to open each morning we’re away.

I started by making some labels and notes to go in each day’s package.

Then I wrote each of them a little note with instructions on what to do with their parcels - the main point being not to rip them all open at once on the first morning!

Their first day’s treat is a little cuddly animal each with a message telling them what each one’s name is and what he likes to do and eat. Their task is to look after their little cuddlies all the time I’m away.

I didn’t want to go overboard on treats for them but I did want each morning’s treat to make them smile. So Friday’s parcel contains a couple of chocolatey treats and a little note from me asking them how school was and reminding them to be kind to each other!

Faced with a long weekend looming ahead of them, I decided Saturday’s parcel ought to contain some ‘doing’ things so Xavi has a couple of cool picture books (including a story about a robot with no bottom) and Louis has a sketch pad and a book on how to draw cartoons. I am hoping these will give my Mum and Dad at least an hour of respite…

Sunday’s treats are all sweet-related. I figure by that point my Mum will be so exhausted she won’t care what or when they’re eating. I have put a note in telling them only to have one before breakfast though!

I am sure I will miss them like crazy but I hope these little packages will remind them each morning how much they are loved and will keep them happy. I am SOOOO excited about spending some time away. We went to Rome for our honeymoon a whopping ten years ago on Friday. It will be ace to go back again.

I’ve got a little baking blog post scheduled for Saturday but I’ll be back 'properly’ on Monday, catching up with the portrait project and sharing some bits on Rome too I’m sure.

I hope you all have lovely weekends x