Look, look, look!!!

A(nother) gorgeous package arrived from Ladybird Likes this week and look what was inside. I love the packaging almost as much as I love the necklaces and oh, what lovely necklaces they are.

I already have a much admired butterfly one and have now added to my collection a larger, green butterfly, a wonderful (and highly appropriate don’t you think) vintage camera and a cheeky moustache. I even found a little freebie brooch tucked inside my stash.

Each necklace is beautifully handmade. Zoe, the talented lady behind Ladybird Likes, attaches vintage illustrations to wood and then laser cuts them, attaches silver or gold chains and away they go. Perfectly packaged beauties ready to bring a smile to the faces of owners and admirers alike.

And at under £10 for most designs, they would make perfect Christmas gifts don’t you think?