Nature in the home - a series...

This week, two plants for the price of one! Well, four actually if you count each clump of surprisingly hot cress growing away in those little peat pots.

Do you have set spots in your house where you site your indoor plants and flowers? I tend to always have a pot or vase of something or other on the kitchen table, then a rotating display on the kitchen windowsill (at the moment, it’s tiny pumpkin plants-to-be). I like to have the odd tiny spray of flowers in our bedroom and always keep my less-than-attractive rescue plants in the utility room.

Then there’s an orchid at the top of the house and a little cactus on my desk. They’ve all pretty much sat in the same spots since we moved in. I wonder if I should be more mobile with my plants - do they like one happy home or are they glad to be shuffled about and rearranged as much as I rearrange the cushions do you think?